The Benefits of a Pay Per Call Network

Pay per call (PPC) is a cost-per-call advertising model that allows companies to avoid expensive cash media spends on TV and radio in favor of only paying for qualified calls.

In addition to a higher conversion rate, pay per call also provides marketers with the opportunity to better guide their clients through their buying journey. This is especially true for complex products and services that require more personalized guidance.

Personalized Sales Experience

Pay per call networks offer customers a more personalized experience than online sales channels. This is because consumers often prefer to speak to a live representative over filling out web forms.

The personal touch a call center provides increases conversion rates and leads to higher-quality sales. A live representative can also answer questions, help a client feel more comfortable buying, and ensure they’re making the right decision for their budget and needs.

It’s also important to remember that each customer is different and will respond differently to your approach. That’s why it’s vital to research the industry, think about their pain points and needs, and study your target market.

This helps your team deliver a more personalized sales pitch that will have your prospect looking forward to the next interaction with you. Whether that’s a demo or a simple conversation, make sure you’re using every opportunity to show your customer how much you care and understand their needs.

Higher Conversion Rates

Consumers are increasingly turning to the phone to get answers to their questions, and pay per call networks offer a personalized sales experience. This human touch is particularly valuable for industries that demand a connection to consumers at some point in their buyer’s journey, such as insurance, legal, financial services, tech support, and healthcare.

Marketers can also benefit from running their pay per call campaigns on a performance model, which means only paying for calls that convert. This saves time and money for both the advertiser and publisher and allows marketers to focus on leads that are already primed for purchase.

As a result, pay per call marketing offers higher conversion rates than other lead generation methods, including forms submissions and pay per click ads. These higher conversion rates are a result of the back-and-forth conversation that takes place over the phone.

Increased ROI

Pay per call marketing is a powerful performance marketing strategy that delivers impressive results and a higher ROI for advertisers. Using a combination of online and traditional marketing tactics, businesses can drive phone calls through search, display, email, social media, mobile and radio channels.

As an added bonus, the resulting leads are higher quality than typical click-based ads. Moreover, calls are typically qualified before the buyer’s call is placed – saving your team time and resources as they focus on delivering the highest-quality leads possible.

Unlike conventional digital advertising, pay per call marketing is a proven lead generation method that has been around for years. It’s easy to implement, offers the ability to control lead quality and access valuable conversion data, and has a high ROI potential.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

One of the most important marketing goals for any business is brand awareness. It takes brand recognition a step further and embeds your company into consumer lifestyles and purchase habits so they don’t have to think twice before becoming a customer — time and time again.

If consumers can easily recall a particular brand’s name, logo and colors when they hear it, they’ll know exactly who they’re speaking to. This type of awareness can help your brand stand out from its competition and increase conversion rates.

For example, Coca-Cola uses its iconic pink and orange colors to create a connection with their customers that’s unrivaled in the industry. In this way, they’re able to ensure their product stays on the shelves for years to come.

Enhanced brand content on Amazon is an excellent tool to help customers understand your products and build trust with them. It allows you to display a more comprehensive and curated selection of product images, videos, descriptions, and pricing information. This feature can improve your conversion rate by providing more engaging, informational and personalized content on your product pages.