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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most tenacious and difficult to eradicate pests in the home. They can be found in homes throughout Midland-Odessa and are known to cause skin rashes and other health problems. If you have noticed bites on your body or found rusty spots in your bedding, it is important to get your problem treated immediately.

Bed bug infestations often occur in apartments and multi-family residences where the pests can easily spread between units. In addition, people who visit restaurants, hotels and other public places may bring the bugs home with them on their clothes or luggage.

These insects feed on the blood of warm-blooded hosts and are active at night while their victims sleep. They are notoriously hard to get rid of without the help of an experienced pest control professional.


While insects play a necessary role in the ecosystem, they can become problematic and require pest control when they make their way into commercial property. In the Midland-Odessa area, many different critters like fire ants, Pennsylvania wood cockroaches, Formosan termites, Brown dog ticks and bed bugs can enter buildings through cracks and crevices in walls and floors, as well as gaps under doors and windows, where they can find shelter and food sources.

Ants are particularly pesky for home-owners, as they can quickly invade a home when there’s a food source nearby. While some ants are relatively harmless, others such as sugar ants and pavement ants may cause minor damage to your home’s interior surfaces. Carpenter ants, on the other hand, can cause serious structural damage by chewing through wood.

A state-licensed ant control expert can inspect your property, identify the species of ants, and recommend effective treatments to get rid of them for good. This may include nonrepellent sprays and liquid or granular baits designed to target ant colonies at the source. Regularly scheduled Home Protection Plan treatments can help control ants all year-round.


Cockroaches carry many germs on their bodies and transfer them to food, dishes and surfaces they touch. They can leave behind a pungent, musty odor and can cause serious health problems. Professional cockroach extermination services from a local pest control company can help you get rid of them.

Technicians from Fox Pest Control-Midland know how to identify the type of cockroaches in your home and how best to treat them. They can use gel baits, dusts, vacuums or fog systems to eliminate them. They will also locate their entry points and seal them up to prevent re-infestation.

The right pest control company can also help you avoid future infestations by sealing entry points, removing food from counters and floors and placing garbage in closed containers. Other helpful tips include shaking your shoes before putting them on and storing rarely used items in plastic storage containers. In addition, you should sanitize countertops and kitchen cabinets regularly and remove any trash that can attract roaches. These measures can be combined with a regular home Pest Control Services in Midland TX to give you long-lasting relief from annoying pests.


When a pest problem occurs it can be scary and dangerous. Unless the issue is addressed quickly and correctly, the safety of employees or customers may be at risk. A commercial Pest Control Services in Midland TX specialist can identify the species, locate the point of entry, safely trap the animal and provide long term solutions to prevent recurrence.

Rodents like rats and mice are not only a nuisance but they can cause significant damage to a home or business. They gnaw on drywall and insulation and chew through wiring, which can lead to power loss or fires. Rat droppings and urine can also pose a health hazard for homeowners as they carry diseases and parasites.

Other common pests in Midland are squirrels, raccoons and snakes. Squirrels often access homes through open vents and crawl spaces, causing costly damage to walls and attics. Raccoons are known to destroy ductwork, soil insulation and cause damage to roofs. They can also carry rabies and other diseases that affect humans. Snakes are also a common problem, and can pose serious health risks if they enter a house or business.


Wasps are dangerous pests that should never be close to your home. The stings of these insects are painful and can cause severe allergic reactions in some people. Wasp control methods not only prevent painful encounters, but also contribute to the balance of nature by limiting the populations of predatory insects that may disrupt plant life.

A good exterminator can differentiate between solitary and social wasps. Social wasps live in colonies, much like ants, while solitary wasps hunt and subdue prey on their own. Regardless of the species, all wasps have stingers that can inflict multiple stings. Stings from wasps and other carnivorous insects usually leave only a small red welt, but in some cases can result in more serious systemic symptoms such as hives, difficulty breathing, rapid pulse, and vomiting.

Look for a pest control company that specializes in the type of infestation you have. The best exterminators understand that every property has unique access points that bees, hornets, termites, rodents, and wasps can use to get inside. They take a holistic approach to extermination that includes physical and mechanical methods such as blocking access, setting traps, and boarding up cracks in walls and floors.